How to choose between faith and reason

When he heard the child ask:
And where is the lamb?
His heart bled
When she heard her father say:
God will provide!
His heart feared
And side by side in silence the two wept
Seeing the place of decision coming
A request like that part of the heart
How to choose between faith and reason
When say "no" option is
And faith asks you a Yes
When you need to confront
And the soul wants to escape
It's hard to be like Abraham
And the son deliver
Being Isaac and lie down
About the stones of the altar
When say "no" option is
And faith tells me one: Yes
When I have to face
My souls wants to run away
I need to be like Abraham
And all deliver
Being Isaac and lie down
About the stones of the altar
It takes courage to go up
It takes faith to accept
It takes strength and say: yes
And lying on the stones of the altar

when we read Genesis 22 we can think so many things but I will leave a question...
what have been your choose?!

Do not be afraid, God is sufficient!